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Jowanda's L.B. Nicholas
4/26/2001 ---9/2005

S:  Little Bic's Noah
      SS:  Little Bic's Cinn-A-Bar
      SD:  GCH Little Bic's Elle-Gear 5*M
D:  Jowanda's Reba
      DS:  Little Bic's Brigadoon
      DD:  GCH Udderly Divine Rebecca 2*M

Cactus Point Ambitious
DOB:  3/5/2003

S:  *B Kastdemur's Audacious
      SS:  ++*B Kastdemur's LH Full Service
      SD:  GCH Kastdemur's Aubree 3*M
D:  CH Cactus Point Calyps"O"
      DS:  Cactus Point Jesse James
      DD:  Crown Hill 'O' My Goodness


*B Longman's LE Private Edition
DOB:  4/17/2005

S:  +B Little Bic's Limited Edition
      SS:  ++*B Little Bic's Private Design
      SD:  CH Little Bic's Sweet Thang
D:  Longman's Dancing Ginger 10*M
      DS:  +*B Branicur Farms Rain Dancer
      DD:  Longman's TMP Surprise 9*M

Jowanda's Special Blend (Ryan)
DOB:  4/16/2002

S:  Longman's Rain Shadow
      SS:  Branicur Farms Rain Dancer
      SD:  GCH Longman's Tina's Mindy
D:  Little Bic's Fashion Plate
      DS:  Sweet Harvest Yankeedoodledandy
      DD:  Little Bic's Pretty Woman

Mojave Dunes Jordan
DOB:  4/28/2003
Show Record - 2x1st, 2xGCH, 2xBBIS

S:  Jowanda's LB Nicholas
      SS:  Little Bic's Noah
      SD:  Jowanda's Reba
D:  Del-Mirage Monica
       DS:  Del-Mirage S.O. Marksman
       DD:  GCH Del-Mirage Mindie 7*M

Mojave Dunes MJ Avatar
DOB:  3/4/2007

S:  Longman's Angel's Jackspot
      SS:  Little Bic's Bonanza 
      SD:  Longman's RS Angel 10*M 
D:  Mojave Dunes Michala
      DS:  Cactus Point Ambitious
      DD:  Mojave Dunes Ashleigh

*B Longman's Baron's Copyright
DOB:  4/14/2005

S:  Longman's Serenades Baron
      SS:  +B Little Bic's Sheena's Hero
      SD:  GCH Longman's Cindy Serenade 13*M
D:  Longman's Dancing Cloud 10*M
      DS:  +*B Branicur Farms Raindancer
      DD:  Longman's RP Chantilly 9*M

Mojave Dunes Jericho
DOB:  4/8/2006

S:  *B Longman's Baron's Copyright
      SS:  Longman's Serenades Baron
      SD:  Longman's Dancing Cloud 10*M
D:  Jowanda's Something Special
      DS:  *B Little Bic's Lakota
      DD:  Jowanda's Celeste 6*M

Amberwood Galileo's Eclipse
DOB:  5/2/2006

S:  J2K Capraio Giovanni's Galileo
      SS:  Chateau Briant's Giovanni
      SD:  Amberwood Tank's Angelica
D:  Rose Valley's Holly Go Lightly
      DS:  Kastdemur's Top Gun
      DD:  Rose Valley Mini spot 

Kastdemur's I'll Be Back (Arnie)
DOB:  3/15/2007

S:  Kastdemur's Hasta La Vista
      SS:  Kastdemur's King of the Hill
      SD:  SGCH Kastdemur's TerraVista *M Ex92
D:  SG Kastdemur's Mystique
      DS:  SG ++*B Kastdemur's LH Full Service EX91
      DD:  SGCH Wooden Bridge Banner's Miracle *M

Kastdemur's TerraVista was the 2004 Reserve National Junior Champion.  Kastdemur's Mystere, full sister from the same kidding to Arnie's dam Mystique took Dam & Daughter and Highest 305 milk at the 2008 National Show.  Kastdemur's King of the Hill was the 2008 National Premier Sire and Kastdemur's LH Full Service was Premier Sire at the 2006 National Show.

Longman's Salute the Prince
DOB:  3/31/2006

S:  +*B Longman's Serenades Salute
      SS:  ++*B Branicur Farms Rain Dancer
      SD:  GCH Longman's Cindy's Serenade 13*M
D:  Longman's H Pink Princess 11*M
      DS:  +B Little Bic's Sheena's Hero
      DD:  Longman's TMG Pink Lady 10*M

Mojave Dunes Smooth Criminal
DOB:  3/21/2009 - now deceased

S:  Kastdemur's I'll Be Back
      SS:  Kastdemur's Hasta La Vista
      SD:  SG Kastdemur's Mystique 2*M
D:  Mojave Dunes BH Cachet
      DS:  Cactus Point Ambitious
      DD:  Del-Mirage Hazelnut

Criminal took Res GCH Junior Buck at the Run for the Roses show in Jamul, CA on August 8, 2009 under judge Rusty Repp.

Criminal took Res. GCH Buck and Res. BBIS in rings 1 and 3 at the LVDGA show on June 5, 2010 under judges Greg Murphy and Bob Bartholomew.

Unfortunately we lost Smooth Criminal to a bout of viral induced founder.

CH Jowanda's Doctor Ozzie
DOB:  2/16/2009

S:  Lassenwood Miller Ozzie
      SS:  +B Prairie Patch Miller
      SD:  Lassenwood SHRM Zenobia
D:  Jowanda's Lucanne
      DS:  *B Lakeshore Farms Doctor Luke
      DD:  Jowanda's Quimby

Ozzie took GCH Junior Buck at the Run for the Roses show in Jamul, CA on August 8, 2009 under judge Rusty Repp.

Ozzie took GCH Buck and BBIS in ring 1 at the LVDGA show on June 5, 2010 under Judge Greg Murphy.  He took GCH Buck in ring 3 at the LVDGA show on June 4, 2011 under Judge Bob Bartholomew.

Ozzie now resides in the Nubilop Acres herd, Hickman, Nebraska.

Mojave Dunes Graffiti Mark
DOB:  2/25/2012

S:  Kastdemur's Santa Ana Breeze
       SS:  *B Kastdemur's Time in a Bottle
        SD:  GCH Kastdemur's Sea Breeze 5*M
D:   Amberwood Galileo's Glimmer
         DS:   J2K Capraio Giovanni's Galileo
          DD:  Rose Valley's Holly Go Lightly

Kastdemur's Santa Anna Breeze
DOB:  3/13/2010

Sire:  *B Kastdemur's Time in a Bottle
            SS:  SG ++*B Kastdemur's LH Full Service  Ex91
            SD:  SGCH Kastdemur's Temerity 5*M  Ex93
Dam:  GCH Kastdemur's Sea Breeze 5*M  VG89
              DS:  Kastdemur's Full Disclosure  Ex91
              DD: Kastdemur's Breeze 4*M  Ex92

Breeze took 1st place and Res GCH in ring 1 under judge Lynn Flemming and 1st place in ring 3 under Judge Bob Bartholomew at the LVDGA show on June 4, 2011.

Breeze is now owned by Nubilop Acres in Hickman, Nebraska.

Mojave Dunes Eclipse's Grady
DOB:  2/26/201

Sire:  Amberwood Galileo's Eclipse
            SS:  J2K Capraio Giovanni's Galileo
            SD:  Rose Valley's Holly Go Lightly
Dam:  Jowanda's Tambra
              DS:  Withrow's Legal Tender
              DD:  Jowanda's Lucanne

Lakeshore Playboy's Solarin
DOB:  4/1/2012

Sire:  SG +*B J&R Spirits Dakota Playboy
            SS:  ++B M's Sagebrush-Acres Dakota
            SD:  SGCH J&R Spirits DK Kovergirl 2*M
Dam:  Lakeshore DL Solaris
             DS:  ++*B Lakeshore Farms Doctor Luke
             DD:  SG Lakeshore Ace Summer Solstice 6*M

CH War Cry's CH Kailua Kona
DOB:  3/1/2011

Sire:  J&R Spirit's LFS 1 Hot Tamale
            SS:  Lakeshore EXC Sieghard
            SD:  SGCH J&R Spirit's DKS Kaiyenne
Dam:  CH War Cry's CS Chaka
             DS:  Lakeshore Farms Secret Service
              DD:  CH Little-Bic's Chantilly Lace



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