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Campo, CA

Hi and welcome to Mojave Dunes.  Please explore our site and discover our beautiful Nubian Dairy Goats.


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Mojave Dunes runs on approximately nine acres in Campo California in the foothills of the Laguna Mountains of San Diego County, only a few miles from the US/Mexico border. A little more about our story and name... We are not located in the Mojave Desert, however, many of our original foundation animals came from herds located in the Mojave Desert. The first show doe here was named Mecca's Lorna Dune. Put together Mojave, paying tribute to where we started and Dunes paying tribute to our first gal, and you get Mojave Dunes. The Mojave Dunes herd has been in development for over ten years.

At Mojave Dunes we strive for a strongly built show quality goat with high milk production. We like long level toplines, strong legs and feet and socked on udders that produce lots of milk. With the addition of goats from the Longman's Herd in Oregon, Stagelight Herd in Missouri and the Kastdemur's Herd in Northern California over the last few years, we're hoping to achieve all those great things.

Our comprehensive feeding program of alfalfa hay, grain, hay pellets, BOSS, and vitamin and mineral supplements is setup so that each animal receives a diet tailored for itís specific needs. Whether it be a junior doe, buck, kid or doe in milk. All of our animals are CAE and CL negative. We test the herd annually with WSU and every incoming animal is tested. Our test results are available for anyone interested in purchasing goats.

We do offer animals for sale. Please check our listing for current animals and prices.

Mojave Dunes
1701 Marc Trail
Campo, CA 91906


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